Sunday, August 26, 2012

Who we are

The African inKNITiative

Who we are:
We are a micro- business project whose goal is to help widowed Ugandan refugees who have fled the violence in their country by facilitating a re-cycled t-shirt knitted scarf enterprise.
We have done this by :
  • teaching these widowed refugees to knit
  • providing the knitting tools
  • providing donated t-shirts on an ongoing basis that the women cut into strips and knit into scarves
  • marketing the scarves

These scarves are as green as it gets!
No new t-shirts were produced for these scarves! The scarves are 100% recycled. All supplies and transport are donated and all service is by volunteer.
It is 100% non-profit and all proceeds go to the women’s project.

Our goal:
“Feed a gal a fish and she’ll eat for a day…teach a gal to knit and she’ll eat for a lifetime.”
Our goal is not just to help these women live from "scarf to scarf". While we are  pleased that they are earning a wage that is providing food, shelter and education for their families, our goal is to help them learn to invest the proceeds in their own communities .

Every time you buy one of these fun, functional and responsible scarves you are providing these women with fair market wage and an opportunity for these  impoverished women to work toward a future that is more than just their next meal.

For information on how to buy one (or many!) of these scarves please contact me.

 Barbara Roberson 

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